Woodland Cuckoo

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Inspired by Cuckoo Clock designs from the Black Forest of Germany, Dirk Boelman has created a magnificent American version of this popular clock style. The completed clock measures 12-¾” W x 27-½” H x 7″ D. It is embellished with numerous brackets, fences with railings & posts, overlays, scalloped roof edges, and other ornate features which are further enhanced when made from various colors/species of wood. Other features include whitetail deer, squirrels, and a flock of American bird species perched on tree-like brackets, including chickadees, wrens, cardinals, nuthatches, and bluebirds, and a cuckoo bird overlay at the bottom. Pattern includes color photos, comprehensive instructions, and numerous illustrations to aid with assembly.
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1 review for Woodland Cuckoo

  1. Kevin Zook

    Another stunning clock by Dirk. All fits as drawn. Lots of detailed cutting but well worth the effort. Use a spiral blade to give a “bark” look to the edges of the tree trunks and for the leaves.

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