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Welcome to The Art Factory!

We are pleased to offer you a wide variety of scroll saw patterns and supplies. Our detailed plans include the cutting patterns and assembly instructions to make your own projects. Supplies include scroll saw blades, clock parts, hardware, night light parts, velvet board and other supplies that you need to complete your projects. The supplies are not just specific to our pattern designs but will work for a variety of other scroll saw and hobby projects as well.

We feature scroll saw designs created by Dirk Boelman. Although, Dirk passed away in 2014 we are still working to finish designs which he had started. We will continue to offer his new designs as they are completed. Please check back with us often.

Please take some time to view our site. If you would like to place an order you can do so on this website with your credit card or by using Paypal, or you can give us a call at 608-348-8332 or toll-free at 1-800-566-6394. Click on Ordering Info for more details.

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CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? We don’t have ALL of our patterns listed on the website yet, and we are always working on new ones. Just let us know what you are looking for… Give us a call at 608-348-8332 or call toll free at 800-566-6394 during our regular office hours (Monday thru Thursday 9 am – 4:30 pm United States Central time. Friday is our shop day and errand day so, if you don’t catch us, please leave a message), or send an email anytime to: [email protected]

Dirk sawingDirk & Karen

Dirk Boelman, “Scroll Saw Artist Extraordinaire!” Anyone involved in scroll sawing is most likely familiar with Dirk Boelman’s designs. He combined his love of art and woodworking into a long career of designing and developing literally thousands of scroll saw projects. He was an extremely talented and prolific designer and his works were included in books & magazines as well as his own pattern catalog. As a caring and enthusiastic teacher, he taught classes around the country and helped get many people started in the rewarding pastime of  scroll sawing. Dirk was a strong advocate for the positive effects of the hobby on the lives of all involved in it, especially for our veterans. Dirk’s infectious laugh, enthusiasm, and encouragement for others gave him the ability to bring out the best in everyone he met! We are honored to continue the work he loved and will continue to release more of his designs as we finalize the plans.

Karen Boelman was dubbed the “world’s smoothest circle cutter” by Dirk. She came into the Art Factory business as the one who cut out the designs that Dirk drew. As their boys grew up and they were asked what their parents did for a living – they simply said, “Dad draws and Mom saws.” It’s fun to imagine someone’s puzzled expression when they heard that!

Karen took on the responsibility of answering The Art Factory phone – taking orders, answering questions, giving advice on blade selection, pricing, etc. She also was a partner in teaching classes and going to shows around the country. The shows have always been a great chance for her to put a face to the names she became so familiar with during the years on the phone. When Dirk passed away there was never any question for her as to whether she would continue with The Art Factory business. Her love of scroll sawing and the friends she made along the way were the reason she kept on with The Art Factory. Dirk was a prolific designer, with many, many designs that were left in his project files. Karen looks forward to finishing up those plans for him and you!