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Inspired by designs of Gothic Cathedrals, the Rhinelander clock features numerous towers and gable ornaments sweeping upwards towards the heavens. A trio of stairways lead up to a pair of ornate front doors which open to reveal the pendulum. The dial is given special attention within an ornate upper balcony area. The finished project measures approx. 16″ wide, 25″ tall, and 11″ deep. (Individual clock components, or a complete clock component and hardware package, are available for this project. Clck on OTHER PRODUCTS at left).
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3 reviews for Rhinelander

  1. Keith brown

    I have built 3 of these beautiful clocks, they are a crowd pleaser in all my craft shows, Keith. b-l craftmakers

  2. Warren Kafitz

    I have build just one from red oak and walnut. I have built eight others, one-half size and given them away as presents to friends and family. Doing the pattern 1/2 size makes the perfect size clock for the mantel or table.

  3. Phillip301 (verified owner)

    I have built this clock. The plans are exact and very detailed. The plans themselves are a masterpiece. I built mine using oak for the very base and cherry for the rest of the clock. The trim around the windows and all the railings are made with walnut. The finish is clear lacquer. I purchased the clock works from the Art Factory also. I got the one with the pendulum. The clock works perfectly. The entire clock was built using scraps left over from other projects. I would highly recommend this project to anyone. It’s a real winner.

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